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Training and Consulting


We work with companies that have a particular interest in the Development of their HUMAN TALENT through the most innovative tools that are currently applied to HUMANIZE institutions and promote the feeling of belonging, organizational loyalty, transcendent leadership in an environment of comprehensive health of the and the collaborators

Comprehensive projects are presented, consisting of:

  • Activity timeline.

  • Definition of the Process by Stages.

  • Teambuilding itinerary proposal in the field.

  • Investment proposal

Why Orduna Talent Services?


We understand the science of success. Our innovative 360 approach ​​approach looks at the organization from a more holistic perspective, encompassing talent, personality traits, leadership and soft skills.

We know the Talent: Solo Orduña Talent Services integrates leadership, soft and hard skills and the motivations of your Talent in the training and consulting process. 

Orientation to results.C-level managers trained with our methodology have a greater impact on change problems within organizations.

Our Solutions

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