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diversity and inclusion

Human Rights Vision in the People & Culture Process


We believe that organizations should take a more systemic approach to D&I and address discrimination as violence. There are two pillars to building a diverse and inclusive organization:

behavioral inclusion:promoting personal transformation in leaders and collaborators, allowing them to recognize biases and mitigate them.

Structural inclusion:transforming the system itself, reshaping talent processes to ensure they are fair and equitable.

Your Best Solution in D&I. We help you start this journey

Our reality is changing. Businesses face existential threats and struggle to adapt to increased complexity and disruption. To survive, organizations need talent that matches the complexity of the world in which they operate. To succeed, companies must unlock the power and empowerment of all talent. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is the key.

Why Orduna Talent Services?

NGO: We have breadth and depth of expert talent in all areas of organizational development and diversity

Orientation to results: We seek to link talent and diversity and inclusion with a multidisciplinary approach that allows generating a permanent cultural change

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