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Talent Acquisition

Talent experience with extensive market knowledge

From the search for management positions to outsourcing the recruitment process entirely, we integrate a data-driven approach with our experience in various industries to recruit professionals of all levels and functions. Regardless of the industry and growth stage of your company, we guide organizations to success and identify the TOP talent they need to execute their strategy.

The Reliable Head Hunting Solution:

With our fully digitized recruiting approach, we are confident that we can find the best talent for any role. Whatever the level, the specialization of the industry. We know that the competition for the best talent is fierce. And the way talent looks for work is increasingly digital. That's why we monitor trends like workforce mobility and make sure we have the most up-to-date systems that allow us to find and match the right people for the right roles.

Why Orduna Talent Services?

We understand the science of success. Our innovative 360 approach  looks at today's market from a more holistic perspective, covering talent competencies, personality traits, what motivates them, as well as position-aligned experiences.

We know the market. Sólo Orduña Talent Services integrates the qualification of the position, the description of the position and salary benchmarking in the search process. We constantly develop talent maps that allow us to generate decisions based on numbers.

Orientation to results. C-level and managerial positions hired with our methodology have a strong impact on organizational changes.

Our Solutions

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