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The "White Savior"​ Complex

Tema que puede ocurrir cuando nos unimos a causas sociales y ONGs.

Being part of a vulnerable group or dissidence does not automatically make you inclusive or exempt you from having any privilege.

When listening to some people within some foundations talk about how to support people in situations totally unknown to them without prior awareness and approach to the group will give me alert support.

Many Departments may believe that a violated person can be taught what they need without listening to them. Today I have news for you; this concept has a name and it is called #WhiteSavior.

Before all the people jump in and think I'm talking about race. It must not be forgotten that the concept of whiteness goes beyond skin color, rather it is a matter of privilege.

So in effect, there are many NGOs full of white people trying to save the world.

Is this bad? Of course not.

So what is worrying? Precisely having privileged people who are not yet aware of the problem. Worse yet, privileged people think that they experience similar issues when in reality there is no degree of comparison.

What can we do to develop inclusive leaders with real awareness?

  1. Have a constant training plan on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

  2. That the entire organization has constant field work so that they get to know the population they support.

  3. Have and practice a high level of humility to understand that they do not know everything.

  4. Accepting and assuming that they have privileges and this leads to unlearning ways of carrying out the interactions that perpetuate a system that has been violent for years.

  5. Have constant conservatories with other NGOs to share good practices.

  6. Understand, internalize, and repeat frequently that reverse discrimination does not exist.

Despite all this, can those people who are in leadership be called #WhiteSavior? Of course yes. However, you will be assured that efforts are being made to:

  1. Not to be that arrogant person in privilege who wants to teach the dissidence how they should be helped.

  2. Do not use being in an NGO and/or social cause as an inclusion token

You will be that person who rolled up their sleeves to understand, empathize, listen, know, and be there for people.

If you require an awareness program for your team on issues of biases, and privileges, in addition to a field project. Do not hesitate to contact me. At Orduña Talent Services we have tailor-made projects.

I leave you my calendly to schedule an appointment:

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